The Society

S.I.P.Re aims at promoting and favoring procreative choices that can be fully conscious and responsible and respect human life since conception.

To this aim S.I.P.Re encourages, promotes and directly implements both the divulgation of knowledge concerning human reproduction physiology, and the divulgation of scientific information concerning the methods for birth control: among them, S.I.P.Re distinguishes clearly the methods that prevent conception from those that, on the contrary, inhibit the embryo implantation and survival.
S.I.P.Re is open to Medical Doctors, Chemists, legal Experts, Midwives and Nurses, Teachers, independently of political or religious beliefs. [learn more]

Emergency contraceptionPosition paper on the Action Mechanism

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Italian Laws direct conscientious birth control to the safeguarding of the health of both the woman and the offspring since fertilization. This is the article 1, comma 3, of the Law 405/1975. This protection is reaffirmed also in the Law 194/1978 which, though allowing pregnancy termination… [read all]

Does really ellaOne delay ovulation?

To understand, we must answer a very simple question.We all know that the pre-ovulatory day is the most fertile day of the cycle: the one in which most intercourse do occur, leading to most fertilizations.  If a woman has unprotected intercourse in that day, with ovulation within the next 24 hours, fertilization will follow within… [read all]